Excavators spare parts supply from the manufacturer

Spare parts production for mining excavators EKG-5A, EKG-8I, EKG-10, EKG-15 and walking excavators ESH-6/45, ESH-10/70, as well as drilling rigs SBSh-250.

About company

PKF Quarry Technologies LLC was established in 2015

Despite its relatively young age, the company has a solid production base and manufacture all the basic expendable supplies. The existing suppliers selecting system allows us to produce only high-quality

Large components and assemblies, such as a bucket arm, mining boom, excavator bucket, hoist winch, travel gearbox, five-machine unit, operator cab, turntable, saddle block, lower frame are manufactured
and supplied in cooperation with factories of the Ural region.


You can trust us

More than than 7 years experience.

Successful cooperation with large and small enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries in the spare parts supply for mining excavators.

Our employees are professionals.

Each employee is a technically competent specialist with extensive experience in the mining sector.

Clear pricing.

Spare parts production at affordable prices. Directly from the machine. Without intermediaries.

Product quality.

Double quality control: at the stages of product preparation and release. Only trusted suppliers and modern production technologies.

Our clients

We were chosen

PKF Quarry Technologies LLC cooperates with enterprises in Russia and abroad, which are engaged in the extraction of coal, non-metallic materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores, as well as the production of cement.


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PKF Quarry
Technologies LLC

454085, Russia, Chelyabinsk, 5 Kulibina street, suite 207

Yablonskaya Elena Valerievna

Chief Sales Officer

Necheukhin Evgeniy Ivanovich

Head of sales department and foreign economic